Vermouth is a fortified wine flavored with botanicals like roots, barks, spices, and herbs. Vermouth is popular as an aperitif and in classic cocktails like martinis and the Negroni. In this cocktail, vermouth adds layers of flavor without a lot of alcohol.

The caramel sauce adds sweetness and a hint of smokiness that amps up the apple flavor. Tartly Ginger Pear Shrub adds fruitiness and tang to brighten up this cocktail.

Makes 1 serving


  • 2 fl. oz Tartly Ginger Pear Shrub
  • 2 fl. oz vermouth
  • 3 fl. oz apple cider
  • 1 tsp caramel sauce (to taste)
  • 1 wedge of fresh lemon
  • Thin apple slices for garnish (optional)


  1. Add caramel sauce to a glass. Squeeze the lemon juice into the glass. Stir until the caramel sauce is thinned out.
  2. Pour in the vermouth and apple cider. Then fill with ice.
  3. Stir gently to combine. Then top with Tartly Ginger Pear Shrub. Garnish with thin apple slices (optional). Enjoy!