How to get through Dry January

Dry January - being alcohol-free for the first month of the year - is an increasingly popular annual tradition. For some folks, it's a way to start the new year right by exercising healthy habits. For other folks, it's a way of "detoxifying" the last two months of indulgences and holiday parties. But for many of us, going alcohol-free is not easy, especially once we get past the novelty of the idea by Week 2. Here, we present 5 ways to help you get through the rest of the month.

1. Try new mocktails!

Mocktails are no longer the overly sweet concoctions that we may remember from our teenage years. These days, mocktails have complex flavors from fresh ingredients that taste amazingly close to a real cocktail - minus the bite of alcohol. Choose from some of our favorite mocktail recipes (like Champagne Mocktail, Virgin Mango Mojito, and Ginger Orange Shirley Temples) whether you're entertaining friends this weekend, or just need a treat for yourself. Apple Cider Vinegar gives these drinks a certain bite that even mimics the taste of alcohol - without the after-effects. In fact, Apple Cider Vinegar has health benefits that alcohol does not!

2. Indulge in another way.

Without the added calories of alcohol, you may even experience some weight loss. Yay! Added bonus! This may even give you a bit of room to indulge in a small treat, like a small piece of dark chocolate, or some garlic fries. As always, moderation is key. But it's important to give yourself a small reward after a tough day or week.

3. Find new go-to beverages at meal times.

Often times, we reach for a glass of wine as a habit at dinner. This month, adopt some new go-to beverages that pair well with food. Apple cider vinegar soda is lower in sugar, taste refreshing, quench your thirst, and pair wonderfully with food. Importantly, apple cider vinegar helps keep your digestive system healthy. For example, our Ginger Pear shrub complements foods like sushi, fish tacos, and salads. If you love spicy foods, our Lime Mint shrub is a refreshing drink to douse the fire. For more robust foods like burgers, pizza, or even steaks, our go-to drink is our Blueberry Lemon shrub.

4. Make new social plans.

For many of us, meeting friends over drinks is a great way to socialize. During Dry January, try making different social plans that place you away from the bar, like going for a group hike instead of happy hour, or organizing a run after work. These are healthy ways to socialize and forge new experiences together!

Photo by whologwhy

Photo by whologwhy

5. Exercise!

This may or may not already be part of your New Year's resolutions, but exercising has the effect of making you feel more energized and good all around (thanks, endorphins!) Getting your feel-good hormones from exercise can lessen the urge to get your high from alcohol. And didn't you know? Physical discipline begets mental discipline. Before you know it, you'll be so busy tracking your miles on your FitBit, you won't even think about not drinking! 



Hang in there guys - Weeks 2 and 3 are often the toughest! With the above tips, we are confident that you will sail right through. Then, on February 1st, you can kick back with a real well-deserved cocktail.