The come-back of shrub cocktails

Five years ago, we stepped into an old-fashioned bar in San Francisco, expecting to order our usual vodka Martini. We suddenly found ourselves confronting a strange new drinks menu filled with elaborate descriptions of mysterious and delicious-sounding liqueurs, bitters, and fresh fruit ingredients. 

It was the start of the craft cocktail movement. Bartenders took pride in creating cocktails from real, fresh ingredients. These cocktails also had depth of flavor, and complexity. Looking back, it was probably inevitable, with the explosion of consumer demand for interesting, artisanal ingredients in the culinary world. Who wants a glass of overly sweet, flaccid mediocrity to go with their grassfed burger?

Shrubs - made by macerating fresh fruit in typically apple cider vinegar and sugar - became a popular ingredient in craft cocktails. The sweet and tangy notes of fruit shrubs added brightness, and rounded out the flavors in the cocktails. 

Today, consumers are enjoying shrub drinks with or without alcohol. At Tartly, we have developed a variety of shrub cocktails like this update to the classic margarita with a twist. Don't forget scrumptious shrub mocktails like this Virgin Mango Mojito that we think you will love!

We think the come-back of shrub drinks has definitely been a good thing!

Photo by rez-art/iStock / Getty Images